A snapshot of our learning

This week has been a brilliantly busy one! We began our Parent Reading sessions on Tuesday and had a wonderful turn out. Our parents and students created a lovely atmosphere where we could come together to share a love of books. In Reader's Workshop, we have been building our reader habits. This week we focused on the habit: Do something at the end of reading. We learnt about rereading, thinking about a favourite part and retelling.

In Math Workshop, we have been digging deeper into our understanding of numbers 1-30. We have played counting on games such as 'Don't Roll a 6', explored the number bonds of 7 and 10 with our Ninja chopping skills and inquired into this wondering: "If one is a snail, ten is a crab or...?"

In Writer's Workshop, we continued to focus on how to use our sounds and other tools, for example, the Thrass Chart, to help us with our spelling. However, we also realised that writers do their best and move on. We do not stay stuck on a word, we simply give it our best and then continue our writing.

Our Personal Meaning Unit was an exciting focus this week. Our friend, Mr. Fluffy Pants went home with our first few students. It has been so exciting to hear them share of their fun and adventures with Mr. Fluffy Pants. He has loved learning all about the different home lives of our friends.

A snapshot of our learning this week

We have already come to the end of our 3rd week! It has been jammed pack with learning and lots of fun. We have all learned so much this week! We have been busy writers, readers, mathematicians and artists and still managed to find time to bond and play games like Musical Chairs! We also had our first assembly together and the Ninja Bananas all loved meeting the Bearcat. Enjoy our photos and ask your children what they are doing in each picture.

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This is where you will find photos and information about all the fun and learning we have been up to each week. We hope you enjoy and visit often!

Here is a taste of what our first week in Grade 1 looked like...

Coin matching

Sight word Bingo

An author and his Dinosaur information book

Morning Meeting

A new favourite book! The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet

Creating whole body listening posters, inspired by a book we were reading

Self Portraits

Artists at work